MPKZM Multizone

MPKZM Multi zone control panels EN12101-10 compliant.

These control panels made to customer specifications can operate as many zones required for smoke/environmental ventilation and can be supplied with power supplies ranging from 5 to 30 amps.

Each board linked to others allows for the fire lock outs to function ensuring that all floors not active in fire cannot be opened as per current regulations.

Each zone board can either be individually controlled or linked collectively to thermostats/BMS inputs for environmental cooling and if connected to a rain sensor will close.

If in environmental mode a fire signal to any zone will remove all controls and shut down all but the fire floor maintaining the building compartmentation.

Technical Data


  • EN12101-10 / certified power supply
  • Batteries supplied to suit load and application
  • 72-hour standby
  • Indicators for charger and battery status
  • 10-amp CE marked digital zone boards
  • 4mm DIN rail mounted cable connections


  • 24vdc switch polarity outputs
  • Clean contact outputs via fire and environmental auxiliary relays
  • Easy to use time control switches allowing constant supply to motor outputs or timed period up to a max of 180 seconds

On board LED’s showing

  • Vent status open /closed
  • Fire signal received
  • Environmental operational
  • Lock out in operation – When lit red the lock out is in operation due to a fire signal received when used as part of a collective
  • Rain signal received
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