MPKZ1 Single Zone

The MPKZ1 Single zone control panel is a fully tested EN12101-10 / EN54 5-amp charger-power supply unit. Each panel can operate independently for smoke and environmental ventilation or used as part of a group.

Technical Data


  • EN12101-10 / EN54 certified power supply
  • 2 x 12v 7amp batteries
  • 72-hour standby
  • Indicators for charger and battery status
  • 10-amp CE marked digital zone board
  • Panel mounted key switch Auto / Open / Close
  • Vent status indicators


  • 24vdc switch polarity output
  • Clean contact outputs via fire and environmental auxiliary relays
  • Easy to use time control switches allowing constant supply to motor outputs or timed period up to a max of 180 seconds

On board LED’s showing

  • Vent status open /closed
  • Fire signal received
  • Environmental operational
  • Lock out in operation – When lit red the lock out is in operation due to a fire signal received when used as part of a collective
  • Rain signal received
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