Smoke Ventilation Specialists

Stairvent Package

Get intelligent smoke control and complete active fire protection with MPK. Ensure the safe and efficient extraction of harmful smoke from any ignition source with our staircase ventilation packages.

.Designed to comply with Part B (Fire safety) of the latest Building Regulations, the staircase ventilation package is suitable for all buildings over two stories tall, where the staircase is the only means of escape. It is also suitable for installation in staircases used as the fresh air inlet for other automatic opening vents (AOVs) present in the building.
Our staircase package includes of the very latest in smoke ventilation technology to guarantee optimum performance and effectiveness in the event of a fire.
The full ventilation package consists of:
  • Single Zone Ventilator Control Panel, either:
        5 amp Single Zone (Data Sheet), or
       10 amp Single Zone (Data Sheet)

  • Ventilation hatch or louver ventilator
  • Window motor(s), which are sized accordingly
  • Apollo smoke sensor(s) (Data Sheet)
  • Break Glass unit (Single Zone Override and Break Glass setup)
  • Fireman’s key or rocket switch (Data Sheet)