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Mechanical Smoke Ventilation System (MSVS)
MSVS is the use of mechanical processes to provide an alternative method to natural smoke ventilation. These efficient systems allow the residents/employees of the building a clear route out of the building.

This is done by using a mechanical extract shaft in tandem with a pressure controlled door and a vent at the top of the staircase.

This system works by using smoke detectors on each floor which are connected to local interface panels (one based in each zone of the building). These panels instruct the dampers to open and at the same time via the communication network signals the main control panel to go into extract mode. In order to supply replacement air, our system uses a pressure controlled door closer alongside a vent at the top of the staircase to depressurise the staircase allowing fresh air to be pulled through the lobby doorway, therefore preventing any smoke entering the staircase.
Additional Services and information
The Mechanical Smoke Ventilation System can be used for buildings of varying sizes and multiple zones, we can create as many zones within the building as our client's require, the system is designed between us and the client meaning that it is best suited to the customers needs.

For this system we can provide a ground floor HDMI control panel to show the status of the global network, each HDMI control panel can have a total of 8 networks with a total of 250 zones between the 8 networks. This allows this system to be used to monitor and control multiple buildings while being controlled from a single easily accessible and safe area in the event of a fire.

MPK Controls uphold the highest standards when it comes to making sure our systems work efficiently at all times, while being suited to the building itself making sure living space is used to the maximum potential and the architectural design of the building is not affected in anyway. We supply our customers with a full package including; Design, Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance for all aspects of this system.

Local Interface Control Panel
Main Network Control Panel
HDMI Conrol Panel