Smoke Ventilation Specialists
Our seamless creativity and attention to detail extends through to installation delivered
by our specialist technicians. MPK’s complete installation process and personal service
extends to every aspect of our technologies, from a single control panel through to the
installation of large scale complex ventilation systems.        
Ensure performance when it counts. Here at MPK, our bespoke ventilation design packages are backed by a professional installation service to ensure a high quality finish and guaranteed ventilation performance in the event of fire.

A complete solution
We pride ourselves on our personal installation service, and we combine industry knowledge with state-of-the-art technology to provide sustainable ventilation solutions capable of meeting any client requirement.
We install a full range of smoke ventilation systems, working from conception right through to completion to provide all clients with the intelligent and responsive smoke ventilation systems they need to ensure maximum fire safety year-round.

Skilled workmanship
All our smoke ventilation systems are installed by a skilled team of highly experienced engineers who utilise the very latest in technology and installation techniques.
We’re equipped to provide full installation services for all sizes of smoke ventilation systems – so whether we’re fitting single smoke control panels or installing complex, tailor-designed smoke ventilation systems, we work to the highest of industry standards and ensure full compliance with all regulatory requirements.